Wisdom Teeth, Oral Surgery & Pathology, Dental Implants & Bone Grafting

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, often known as the third molars, often cause problems due to the inability for them to fully erupt and become functional teeth.

Subsequently they often cause a number of symptoms:

• Pain

• Recurrent infections, even causing hospitalistion

• Resorption of the second molars

• Decay / Caries (in both the wisdom teeth and the second molars)

Wisdom teeth are sometimes also removed in preparation or in association with other procedures eg orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery or alongside having braces

Oral Pathology Brisbane

Oral Surgery & Pathology

Routine Extractions

• Unrestorable teeth – with or without dental implant placement

Canine Exposure or Extractions in combination with Orthodontics

Cysts, Tumours and Lesions of the jaws

Dental Implants & Bone Grafting

Osseo-integrated dental implants

• Now the gold standard way of replacing missing or unrestorable teeth

Sometimes, there isn’t enough available bone to immediately place the dental implants. Therefore, bone grafting may be required prior to, or at the time of surgery.

Dr Robertson has been placing dental implants since 2005. Please discuss with him what systems you would like to use.